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Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy is a high built product suited for most industrial flooring needs. Epoxy Floor Sealer is a twin pack coating designed to protect and seal all floor plasters, stains and dyes.

It presents a hardwearing, high gloss finish, which enhances the colour of the plaster.

The demands on today’s floor-coatings are high. Functionality and efficiency often play a decisive role in the selection of a flooring coating system and it means that different individual components are combined to achieve a coat; a high-grade, loadable and long-lived surface.


Epoxy Flooring has been a ‘household’ name in the flooring industry for many years. Recently it has become a less desirable choice due to various reasons such as weak performance in cold temperatures, contribution to health issues, highly flammable, not suitable for steel application such as internal tank linings, etc. We have since discovered a better alternative called Polyurethane.