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Why concrete floors are perfect for your commercial business

The obvious difference with residential and commercial properties is that the latter has greater demands placed on the structural performance of its floors. Concrete remains the most traditional material used in these spaces and it has even gained popularity in recent years as the decorators’ preferred choice because it’s sustainable and earthy characters are as much part of the appeal as the long-lasting durability, so it’s easy to understand why. Bustling restaurants, malls, schools, offices and industrial warehouses have very different needs to small household families, so structurally, these are individually assessed to ensure a stronger reinforced concrete mix is installed to be able to withstand all the foot traffic and heavy equipment and machinery to ensure it lasts and doesn’t mark.

Their popularity in the commercial environment is largely due to their combined benefits of the costs, long-lasting durability and easy maintenance. It’s also affordable to install if your existing concrete slab is in good condition. High-performance finishes also help reduce abrasive wear-and-tear and stain resistant coatings that make it easier to keep your floors looking as good as new for longer and avoid the accumulation of dirt build up. If they are properly installed from the get go you shouldn’t need to re-polish the surface for another ten years, only waxing 2-3 times a year in high traffic areas. And speaking of polished surfaces… for anyone who has done their time working in a restaurant, you will know just how risky it is to enter a kitchen when the floors are being washed, especially if it doesn’t have suitable flooring so slip resistant coatings throughout the premises are imperative to avoid injuries of staff and customers who visit.

These days, retail spaces have usually go with an epoxy coating to incorporate unlimited choice of colours and decorative designs. A popular trend is to also use a metallic epoxy to give the floor a gorgeous metal-like patina. The options are really endless and high gloss polished floors really brighten a space by reflecting ambient overhead lighting.

With the green movement, coated concrete floors are also sustainable so it is the preferred material for businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint and with buildings like the Roman Coliseum standing the test of time (1500 years), it’s safe to say the added advances in technology nowadays help ensure that concrete really is the best material and best long-term return on investment for your commercial properties.

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