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Common misconceptions about concrete floors

Any important decision can come with a long list of pro’s and con’s but when it comes to renovations, some decisions are a lot easier to pull the trigger on – especially when considering budgets, long-term return and what the boss (or mom) really wants. In this article, we debunk common misconceptions often associated with cement and screed flooring.

“All Concrete Floors Crack”

This is essentially the same as saying: ‘all wooden floors scratch’ and ‘all carpets absorb odours and stain’. While this does happen, it is important to get a better understanding of the material itself and preventative measures taken during the installation process to prevent unintended or excessive cracking over time. Cement is a natural product so moisture can be absorbed into the underlying layers when it is being poured. As a result, there can be subtle movement as the slab expands and contracts with changing temperatures and the final mottled effect on the surface is the biggest driver behind popular appeal – much in the same way leather develops that beautiful worn-in shine, concrete floors are appreciated for their natural, earthy character.

“Concrete Floors are Dull and Boring”

Nowadays, decorative concrete and a vast array of stains make it the number one choice for many upscale residential properties and hotels. It is also highly customizable and many businesses select a polished surface with their branding (or quirky Instagram-friendly welcome messages) in entrance foyers.

“Decorative Staining on Polished Concrete isn’t Permanent”

Because the natural surface of concrete is porous, penetrating dyes are absorbed into much deeper underlying layers and live permanently within the body of concrete.

“Polished Concrete Doesn’t Need Maintenance”

As with most things (garment care, technological upgrades, vehicle services etc), the better something is maintained, the more durable and long-lasting it will be. Polished concrete has the added benefit of being really low maintenance and it is a lot easier to clean than other flooring solutions. Surface densifiers used during this process will help enhance the sheen and could marginally help improve the overall strength or hardness. For more information, connect with our expert, experienced Flooring Guru team here to find the right flooring solution for you or visit our Facebook page here for more inspiration. *all images sourced from Pinterest