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Colour Cement Flooring

Floor/Wall Float & Finish (Also known as Floor Plaster) is applied between 3-5 mm thick by trowel. This is a cement based product that gets applied to an existing screed and can also be applied on top of tiles.

Floor Plaster presents a mottled effect to a floor giving a rustic feel to the finish. This application is labour intensive and requires time to float and finish to perfection. A final twin pack clear sealant is applied once the colour application has set and dried.

Wall Plaster can be applied to a cement plaster or any previously painted surface. This product has a smooth, waterproof finish designed to be applied in bathrooms, showers and counter tops.

Its purpose is to provide a strong, durable finish.  Wall finishes are available in natural Smooth Plaster or in textured, slightly rough Brush On, to create the distinctly unique mottled look. With these great aspects, colour Wall Plaster provides a tough, forever lasting coloured skim plaster to walls. This product comes in a variety of colours.

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