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How changing a floor can make a difference to your home


Nowadays where every moment is digitally captured, filtered and posted online, one Instagram account highlights what’s important when walking into a room … and that is to look down. @IHaveThisThingWithFloors is a popular Instagram account and trending hashtag that garnered over 830,000 followers by simply celebrating statement flooring around the world. While most of us would arguably play it a lot safer in our own homes, there is no disputing how this revived interest further cemented flooring as an important and necessary design element to invest in.

Floors are not only the most utilised surface area in our homes but they play a huge part in anchoring the overall design and atmosphere, and creating flow as you move from one room to another. So, how does renovating your floors make a difference to your home? Adding a light flooring cement finish that mirrors the palette of the adjacent walls and ceiling can really open up an interior and make it feel bright, airy and give you an amplified sense of space. While on the other hand, a bold statement floor acts as the perfect canvas to draw your eye seamlessly across textured rugs, pops of colour and helps show-off beautiful pieces of furniture.

At Flooring Guru, our expert team understand the ever-changing nature of décor trends and that is why we pride ourselves in installing specialised cement-based floors that rarely need replacement (especially if properly maintained), guaranteeing that over time your budget can be freed up to indulge more fun and transient décor trends like an updated coat of paint or the latest accessories.

Our mission is to help you meticulously, timeously and reliably create your dream interior and exterior space by offering a variety of colours and luxury finishes.

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