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About Us

Flooring Guru offers a variety of cement flooring solutions, suitable for both interior and exterior residential, commercial and industrial applications. From floor plaster to concrete grind and polish, you are bound to find a colour and floor- type to suit your décor needs – as well as your pocket.


Colour cement flooring is a unique blend of cement, hardwearing aggregates, lime fast pigments and additives, which set rock-hard, offering exceptional abrasion resistance. Whether you’re looking to cover 10 square metres or 1,000 square metres, the strong and durable finish of our cement flooring means that they are cheaper to maintain than other options such as vinyl and laminate wood, freeing up more of your project budget for those small touches that make your house a home.


The unique application process of colour cement flooring means that no two floors are the same – each will have its own unique markings. Because our product thickness ranges between 15mm to 30mm, in most cases no additional structural changes need to be done as preparation before the application process can begin, allowing you to get your renovation on the go sooner! The thermal efficiency allows for under floor heating to be installed prior to the cement floor application, and the use of natural, raw materials in our products, help reduce your carbon footprint.


Flooring Guru was formed in June 2017 and the current ownership brings with it 25 years of combined experience in the flooring industry. We aim to build on the successes and learning’s of the past to deliver superior products and excellent workmanship for our clients, supported by a knowledgeable client service team.

We manufacture our own high quality product and proudly trade solely as Flooring Guru Pty Ltd.