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5 Tips for cleaning your floors

Concrete Screed Flooring

There is nothing more inviting than walking into a freshly spring cleaned home – seeing reflections bounce off newly polished surfaces and the fresh fragrances that linger – it can fill your home with a renewed sense of calm which is exactly how you will feel when you see how quick and easy it is to clean Flooring Guru’s product offerings!

We’ve all been there… frantically trying to remove stubborn wine stains or unfortunate pet ‘whoopsies’ that just won’t budge off your expensive, never-the-same-again carpets but with our low maintenance flooring solutions, these stresses, stains and the usual every day dust are easily eliminated.

Our team have put together these 5 simple tips to ensure your type of Flooring Guru product lasts and always look as good!

1. Polyurethane Flooring

Polyurethane protects surfaces from stains and water damage and are super easy to keep clean, just use warm water, sunlight soap or ammonia free detergent and a damp (not wet) mop.

2. Natural Stone Flooring

The quartz stones that make up this surface give interior and exterior floors a beautifully textured and sought after non-slip finish. Due to the natural and porous make-up of this product it’s best to avoid acidic cleaning agents that could possibly stain (i.e. vinegar, lemon juice or ammonia) and abrasive techniques that could permanently scratch the surface (i.e. steel wool).

3. Concrete Flooring

These floors have become increasingly popular because they are hard wearing and the naturally ‘uneven’ finish is all part of the appeal. The trick is to make sure that your cleaning tools (such as your mop and vacuum cleaner) are dirt-free because these floors are also slightly porous and can absorb the dirt from them. To wash concrete flooring, all you need is a damp mop and a bucket of warm sunlight water.

4. Epoxy Flooring

Another low-maintenance hardwearing floor – epoxy is super easy to clean! Little spills can be wiped away with a cloth and, if you want to do a deep clean, all you need is hot water, sunlight and a damp mop.

5. Colour Screed Flooring

Decorative cement flooring such as our Colour Screed Flooring is also easy to clean. The main rule? Check to see that your cleaning agents do not contain ammonia or vinegar because these can damage the finish. The best way approach is to ‘old-school’ it. Simply sweep your floors to remove any loose debris and then use a bucket (and a mop—obviously!) filled with warm water and dish soap to clean, easy peasy!

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